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Dental TDV Optimize Finishing Polishing Optimize is a silicone abrasive tips used for finishing and polishing of restorations. It is available in three different formats, allowing to work any face of any tooth. It offers two functions in a single product, according to the force applied in the application: The application with greater force allows to retouch the anatomy and make the thinning during the occlusal adjustment; The application with less force provides the polish of the restoration, leaving the surface smooth, uniform and shiny. With its quick-fit system in the Versaplus mandrel, it provides greater agility in the execution of the work, facilitating the exchange between the different formats. Indication Abrasive system for finishing and polishing of resins in composite resins, amalgams and glass ionomers. Uses: Install the mandrel into the contra-angle. Insert desired end into mandrel end. Apply the product dry, in low to medium rotation, with intermittent touches.The application with greater force provides a greater thinning of the restorative material. The application with less force produces the polishing of the restoration.
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