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TDV Mettalic Matrix Band we are the traders of TDV Mettalic Matrix Band in amritsar
Variotime combines outstanding performance and features in VPS impression material. It comes with a variable time concept. Variotime controls the polymeristation kinetic by mouth temperature and sets rapidly after insertion into the mouth. The variotime assortment is a well through out coordinated all round system for all impression technique. Specification: Adaptable handling automatic mixing. Convenient time saving. Features: Straightforward adaptable handling : You get one material with variable applications - for single crowns as well as multi-unit prosthetic restoration. Automatic mixing : With the dynamic speed system you benefit from high speed mixing and precise dispensing also for putty viscosities . Convenient time saving working : You gain more leeway with straight setting time. With variotime you have a varaible working time ranging from 1:00-2:30
The Kerr Herculite , recognized across the globe, has expanded into the world of nanohybrid composites. Employing the latest in nanoparticle technology, this universal composite features optimal handling and high polishability, lifelike esthetics, great wear resistance, and increased radiopacity - everything a clinician needs. The resin matrix and Vita® shade matching inherent in other Herculite brands are retained in Herculite Précis. Excellent material translucency allows chameleon-like restorations to be artfully achieved from a single shade, offering a simplified 15-shade system that is ideal for the general practitioner. Features : Optimal handling, non-slumping: Superb ease of placement. Long-lasting polishability: Maintains lifelike luster long after initial restoration. Herculite gold standard technology: Proven 25+ years of experience. High wear strength and mechanical properties: Long-lasting and durable. Chameleon quality: Superior tooth-blending effect enabled by optimized filler size.
Kerr SonicFill System enables clinicians to perform posterior restorations that combines the advantages of a flowable composite with a universal composite. The SonicFill System comprises a handpiece that enables sonic activation of a specially formulated and conveniently delivered composite. SonicFill's proprietary sonic activation significantly reduces the composite's viscosity to rapidly fill the cavity. SonicFill reduces time for placement, packing and sculpting restorations. Depth of cure up to 5mm allows to fill in single-step for cavities up to 5 mm. Adapting is possible directly with the tip - filling and adapting without need of packing instruments in one step. Small ergonomic Unidose Tip allows easy access to the cavity Foot switch and 5 dispensing speed settings for control of composite delivery
Gluma Self etch 4ml is the new 7th generation one step , one bottle nano adhesive from Kulzer . This all in one bonding agent etches , primes , bonds and desensitizes in one single step. Thus it meets your everybody requirement and demonstrates all characteristics which one important for an uncomplicated and state of the art bonding agent . Some Points are Specified as : Excellent bond strength Supreme marginal sealing No prior mixing No fridge sroage Benefits: One step reliability : The reliability and qualities of GLUMA Self etch is proven by many studies and test results . The innovative formula of GLUMA Self Etch support the excellent bond strength and supreme marginal sealing and it allow treatment even in hypersensitive areas . One step effectiveness : Gluma Self Etch allow you to apply just one layer for etching , priming , bonding plus desensitizing . GLUMA self etch system is immediately efective . Being a ready to use one step adhesive no prior mixing , no shaking , no etching , no fridge storage is necessary. One Step Safety : The chemistry of GLUMA Self Etch allow you to have maximum error avoiding application , even treating hyperactive patient. Just one application step avoids unexpected treatment feature .